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Here are the questions frequently asked by UTeM’s portal visitors. If there are any other questions please call us at +606-270 1763 (Operator Assisted) or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1) Is this a public or a private University?
UTeM is the 14th public university in Malaysia and a Malaysian Technical University Network with UTHM, UNIMAP and UMP.

2) Where is Faculty of Electrical Technology and Engineering (FTKE) Located?
FTKE is located at the main campus of UTeM in Durian Tunggal near the North-South Highway.

3) How do I get there?
Road – From outside Melaka, the main campus is accessible via North-South Highway at the Ayer Keroh Exit

4) What are the programmes offered by the Faculty?
The Faculty of Electrical Technology and Engineering offers three Undergraduate Programmes and three Postgraduates Programmes.
The Undergraduates Programmes are:
1) Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BEKG)
2) Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (BEKM)
3) Diploma of Electrical Engineering (DEK)

The postgraduates Programmes are:
1) Electrical Engineering & Mechatronic Engineering (Research Mode)
2) Electrical Engineering (Mixed-Mode)
3) Electrical Engineering & Mechatronic Engineering (Taught Course Mode)

5) How many years for the diploma and the bachelors programmes?
Diploma will have a 2.5 years of duration while bachelors will have a 4 years of duration.

6) How to apply for the programmes?
For diploma programmes, the SPM holder will have to apply through UPU online application after the SPM result had been released. For bachelor programmes, the matriculation and STPM holder will also need to apply through UPU online for the programmes.

7) How much is the fees for the programmes offered?
The range for diploma is RM900-1200 per semester, whereas for bachelor the fees range is between RM1200 to RM1500 per semester

8) Is there any scholarship available to pursue my studies here?
At the moment, there is no specific scholarship given by the universities for diploma and undergraduates student to pursue their studies here.

9) What is the minimum requirements to registers in diploma programme?

10) What is the minimum requirements to registers in bachelors programme?

11) Is there any twinning programme with the oversea universities?
There is NO twinning programme with the oversea universities, BUT there is a programme for student exchange for a duration of a semester, where selected students will be given the opportunity based on their performance in their studies and curriculum activities in the university to study at the oversea university.